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Duplicate definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
British English: duplicate ADJECTIVE / djuplket /. Duplicate is used to describe things that have been made as an exact copy of other things, usually in order to serve the same purpose. He let himself in with a duplicate key.
Stata FAQ: Identifying and dropping duplicate observations.
You wish to create a new variable named dup. dup 0 record is unique dup 1 record is duplicate, first occurrence dup 2 record is duplicate, second occurrence dup 3 record is duplicate, third occurrence etc. and to base the determination on the variables name, age, and sex.
Duplicate Array.
For information about placing symbols in walls in a duplicate array, see Duplicating Symbols in a Wall with Duplicate Array. To create a duplicate array.: Select the object or objects to copy. Select Edit Duplicate Array. The Duplicate Array dialog box opens.
How do I duplicate an event page? Splash Help Center.
Click on the Settings tab. Click on the Event Information tab at the top. On the top right, click the Duplicate button. Next, plug in your event title, date, and venue information. Click Duplicate Event to create the new page.
How do I use CCleaner for Windows Duplicate File Finder? Piriform Support. Facebook. Twitter. RSS. LinkedIn. YouTube.
Where you can find Duplicate Finder.: Open CCleaner, go to Tools and then select the Duplicate Finder to start the tool. This presents a list of options in the Match by part of the Duplicate Finder user interface, allowing you to search for duplicated files via these categories.:
Move and Duplicate Campaigns Marketing Solutions Help.
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duplicate, duplicated, duplicates, duplicating WordWeb dictionary definition.
He" could never duplicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick." reduplicate, double, repeat, replicate. Duplicate or match. The" polished surface duplicated his face and chest in reverse." Make a duplicate or duplicates of. Could" you please duplicate this letter for me."
Duplicate Definition of Duplicate at
in duplicate, in two copies, especially two identical copies: Please type the letter in duplicate. Origin of duplicate. First recorded in 140050; late Middle English from Latin duplictus past participle of duplicre to make double, equivalent to duplic stem of duplex duplex tus ate 1.
Duplicate 1998 film Wikipedia.
Duplicate is a 1998 Indian Hindi action comedy film directed by Mahesh Bhatt and stars Shahrukh Khan opposite Juhi Chawla and Sonali Bendre, with Shah Rukh Khan in a negative role. It marked Khan's' first of many collaborations with Dharma Productions.
Duplicate Certificate Login Screen.
Duplicate Sequences.
In general there are two potential types of duplicate in a library, technical duplicates arising from PCR artefacts, or biological duplicates which are natural collisions where different copies of exactly the same sequence are randomly selected. From a sequence level there is no way to distinguish between these two types and both will be reported as duplicates here.

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